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For Your Information: 

Notice of Foreclosures

Notice of Foreclosures are taken from a state-wide Public Notice database which makes no claim of accuracy or completeness, and neither does The Blue Sheet. After a foreclosure is complete, it will show in Foreclosure/Auctioneer's Deeds. The instrument number associated with each notice is a link to the original mortgage that is being forclosed on so that additonal information may be obtained.

TBS Numbers and Publication Dates

The TBS numbers are the sequential numbers assigned to each successive publication and have no meaning otherwise. The publication date does not necessarily coincide with the upload date for the web site. We will upload as soon as we have data available, which is often the day before print date. The uploaded information will however display the date that coincides with the publication.

The current schedule for printing and mailing is the same as the upload, which is twice a week (Usually Monday & Thursday) instead of every other day.  We will resume the every other day schedule when and if the amount of data to deliver is too much to be supplied with the twice a week schedule.  All transactions will be provided to our customers, regardless of how many mailings per week are required.

Method for Record Collections & Uploads

The information that is provided is collected with computers using custom built software programs. Some editing is done to complete the data fields but some records are as presented by the program and it's intrepretation of the respective Courthouse data, therefore we make no guarantee of it's accuracy. Viewing the original documents is always recommended.

 Incomplete Archive

Our archive data begins in March of 2001 for Baldwin County. The archive for Mobile County does not begin until 2015. The data offered in the early archive was not generated or saved for the purpose of this presentation, and therefore may be incomplete in some areas or some categories. We have made every effort to fill the voids and we believe that the categories that will be of the most interest to the most people are complete. All data collected will extend indefinitely going forward.


The Blue Sheet discontinued including Bankruptcies when they increased to the point that there was no longer room for them on the paper. We currently offer these in a separate report with discounted cost to subscribers. The size of this report is such that mailing or faxing is not practical, so it is offered in email format only (MS Excel File).

Art of Org, Art of Inc, and Dissolutions:

Effective the beginning of 2021, Art of Org, Art of Inc and Dissolutions are no longer required to be filed in Baldwin County and can be filed directly with the Secretary of State. As a result we are retreaving records from their website and the instrument number link will take you to the Secretary of State website instead of the County Probate site.

Emailed Delivery:

Effective in 2022, we now offer to send the publication by email. The data is embedded into the email so that an attachment is not required. Please be advised that if you use an email client (such as outlook, microsoft mail, yahoo, etc) that pulls email from multiple sources, the client may not display the data properly and you may have to view directly from your email provider.



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