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The Baldwin County Blue Sheet, Inc. originated in 1981, by J. A. and Alice Mosley as owners and operators. J. A. Mosley served as the Business Manager and the Press Operator and Alice Mosley served as a Reporter and the Office Manager. Alice's experience came from working with "Business World," aka the "Pink Sheet." which was established in 1923. In 1988 the name was amended to "The Blue Sheet, Inc." The Mosley's operated until the year 2000 and at that time the business was taken over by a family member, Laura Duncan. In 2003 the business was purchased by the current owner Carey Perry.

The Blue Sheet started its business with an old 350 AB Dick Off-Set Press that was used until 1993. Originally the information obtained from the public records was handwritten. Thereafter the information was obtained by using a tape recorder and a transcribing machine, and then typed. The next advancement was to purchase laptops and use a word processing program to key in the information at the courthouse. Then a database program, Dbase III, was obtained to make structures for each item of information, which allowed history to begin being stored.

In 2003 the publication became available online with an Internet Site, and a custom-built software program was developed for the record collection process, allowing Microsoft Access files to replace the old Dbase III files. In 2007 this system was replaced with all new custom-built dedicated software. Currently, we have 6 custom-built software programs to assist in generating each publiation.


The Blue Sheet remains in the business of collecting and providing a summary of the Baldwin County courthouse records, as it has been since 1981. The key to the success of The Blue Sheet has been providing our subscribers enormous amounts of data, in a short period of time, and on a regular basis. We have never failed to generate a publication, and have only been late on a few occasions over our entire history.

The data is currently collected on computers with direct feeds to our website, checked for accuracy before being made live to our viewers, and then compiled data is converted to the current TBS with a simple click-of-a-button. The mailed version of the paper is printed from an administrative area of the web site, copied on a digital duplicator, and sent to our customers the same day. Our offices are located in a storm-resistant 5 story building with a commercial back-up generator to maintain power. Our servers have been moved to an expandable Virtual Private Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The Blue Sheet plans to continue it's long history of providing dependable summarized Public Records to local and regional professionals. The current owner and staff are committed to providing information in the best form that technology will allow, while offering the highest level of customer service that can be achieved.

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