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We currently offer our customers the following standard schedule of services:

Twice a Week (Tue and Thurs)

The Blue Sheet Printed Publication - Baldwin County only

The Blue Sheet On-line - Baldwin County and/or Mobile County

Each contains essentially the same information, and when printed from the web site the result will be exact format to that of the mailed publication.
(See pricing below)


New Home Owners List

New Condominium Owners List

Bankruptcy Report

Each contains pertinent information regarding what has been bought and sold in Baldwin County, in each category, for the entire month. These reports contain details not offered in the regular Blue Sheet, and can be delivered to you in any form you choose.
(See pricing below)

Additionally, we offer special services customized to suit your specific needs. Call us if you have a need for information that we may be able to provide.

We invite you to view the sample Blue Sheet below, but you will not be able to see the search features unless you are a subscriber. If you would like a free sample of one of the printouts above, please call us at (251)476-0869.


We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express Credit Cards.

(Call our office for secure credit card processing)

You do not have to use a credit card to pay for your subscription, we will be glad to bill you.

Multi-user clients please call or e-mail us for special pricing offers. (usually priced at $13 for each additional office) Individual subscribers please fill out the form below.

Subscribe to The BALDWIN Blue Sheet and/or MOBILE Blue Sheet
Internet Only, Baldwin Blue Sheet- $27/mo
Internet Only, Mobile Blue Sheet- $27/mo
Internet Only, Baldwin Blue Sheet AND Mobile Blue Sheet- $49/mo
Printed and Mailed Publication, Baldwin only - $32/mo
NEW Expanded Foreclosure Page, includes Baldwin AND Mobile - currently at no extra charge (with a subscription to Baldwin OR Mobile)
Baldwin Internet & Baldwin Publication - $45/mo
Mobile Blue Sheet & Baldwin Publication - $54/mo
Baldwin AND Mobile Blue Sheet plus Baldwin Publication printed and mailed- $67/mo

Subscribe to the New Home Owner List - Baldwin County only (Currently not available due to low subscriber interest)
E-Mail (MS Excel format)

Subscribe to the Condo Sales List - Baldwin County only (Currently not available due to low subscriber interest)
E-Mail (MS Excel format)

Subscribe to the Mortgage Report - Baldwin County only (Currently not available due to low subscriber interest)
Mail (not available)
Fax (not available)
E-Mail (not available)

Subscribe to the Bankruptcy Report for Southern District of Alabama, includes Baldwin and Mobile Counties ($13/mo)
E-Mail (MS Excel format – This report is too large to mail or fax)

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To contact The Blue Sheet use any of the following methods:

U.S. Mail:
The Blue Sheet
P.O. Box 7620
Spanish Fort, AL 36577-7620


1509 Govt St, Suite 101

Mobile AL 36604

Phone: (251)476-0869


Cell: Carey - (251)454-5540 or

Laura - (251)554-7750


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